August 23, 1953
January 22, 2003

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Rik N. Guerra performs for audience of over 4000, at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio,Texas November 10, 1987. Rik opened for Bob Hope in San Antonio, as a local radio station WOAI-AM organized a radiothon to raise funds for The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in San Antonio and invited Bob Hope to entertain Vietnam Vets.

Rik has been in the music business for over 30 years. He began his career as a drummer at the age of 10 years old. He played with his Mother & Father in a conjunto band which featured the king of accordion music Don Santiago Jimenez, as well as other musicians in the field, such as, Lorenzo caballero, Armando San Miguel, and a hand full of other great conjunto musicians. Following his discharge from the US Army in 1977 he was back into music playing with spanish oriented bands. Today they call this music Tejano.

Rik began writing songs. He continued his adventures playing in clubs in California and back in San Antonio, Texas. He's been priviledged to play with other musicicans such as Flaco Jimenez who is featured in his CD. A song Rik wrote about a small town in Mexico called,"Bustamante" and a song Flaco wrote in Spanish about all the great musicians that have died and left us a legacy of great music called "Rest In Peace". Rik translated the song to English and recored it in his CD. Has has been very fortunate to have played with these musicians who have given him the determination and perseverance to continue his writing. He's been to Nashville several times to perform at the ever popular "Blue Bird Cafe".

He follows his dreams in writing folk, progressive country, and soft rock music to soothe your taste. Jim Croce, James Taylor, Dan Fogleberg, Jimmy Buffet, Jackson Brown are just some of Rik's mentors. His style is to be complemented by his lyrics. At the age of 41, Rik finally decided to go into the studio and record his first CD. After a long 2 1/2 year process the product was finally done. His CD is appropriately called "Words Of Art". As a lyricist Rik has taken experiences in his life and put them to music. " I feel so strong about music in general, but if you're asking me about my songs, the only thing I can say about them is that God has blessed me with this talent and I feel it's only right to give back and share it with others who enjoy music. But for whatever reasons people listen to my music.
"I write it because it comes from the heart".

Currently Rik works for Southwest Airlines as a flight attendant. When he's not working for the airlines he spends most of his time promoting his CD, or in his studio working on his new project to be released sonetime in March of '99. He's married to his best friend Terri and has two children, Lauren Michelle and Son Christopher Michael. If you'd like more info on this up and coming musician contact Lakerstar Records, Terrik Studios,


"Thinking About My Friend"
copyright 2003
By Johnny Hubbs

I'm thinking about my friend today
And what life has sent his way
He's fighting for his life to live
Oh Lord, what else can he give

Cancer eats this man inside
But never will it take away his pride
The pride of serving this great land
While flying over the jungles of Viet-Nam

I'm thinking about my friend today
And what good prayer I could say
That will reach the heavens in the sky
Oh Lord, please don't let him die

Well hear me Lord he has his wings
He fought for freedom and what it brings
So that others could live free
Please God, don't take him away you see

Today I got the call that hit like the wind
But, I know now, my friend's waiting for us
Waiting for us up at Fiddler's Green
A place where all cavalry soldiers go
I'll forever remember you my friend

We lost one more warrior today
I am at a loss for any words to say
I'll pray for you day by day
And I'll pray for your family if I may

Cancer eats this man inside
But never did it take away his pride
The pride of serving this great land
While flying over the jungles of Viet-Nam


Love You Always & Forever,

Johnny & Karen Hubbs


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